Gurken Mit Stacheln: Die überraschende Vielfalt Exotischer Gurkensorten


What are Gurken mit Stacheln?

Gurken mit Stacheln is a term in casual German that translates to cucumbers with spines in English. This term refers to a unique variety of cucumbers that have small, prickly spikes on their skin. These cucumbers are not commonly found in regular grocery stores, but they can be grown in home gardens or purchased from specialty markets.

How are Gurken mit Stacheln grown?

To grow Gurken mit Stacheln, you will need to start by planting cucumber seeds in well-drained soil with plenty of sunlight. It is important to water the plants regularly and provide support for the vines to climb as they grow. Cucumbers with spines can be harvested once they reach a desirable size, typically around 6-8 inches long.

What is known about Gurken mit Stacheln?

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These unique cucumbers are known for their prickly exterior, which can make them slightly more challenging to handle than smooth-skinned varieties. However, the spines can easily be removed by gently rubbing the cucumber under running water or using a vegetable peeler. Gurken mit Stacheln are said to have a slightly different flavor than regular cucumbers, with some describing them as more robust and crunchy.

Solution for handling Gurken mit Stacheln

If you are unsure how to handle Gurken mit Stacheln, simply follow these steps to safely prepare them for consumption. Start by washing the cucumber under running water to remove any dirt or debris. Next, use a vegetable peeler to gently remove the spines from the skin. Once the spines are removed, you can slice or chop the cucumber as desired for salads, sandwiches, or pickling.

Information about Gurken mit Stacheln

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While Gurken mit Stacheln may not be as common as regular cucumbers, they are still a fun and interesting addition to any garden or kitchen. These cucumbers can add a unique texture and flavor to dishes, making them a popular choice among culinary enthusiasts. If you are looking to try something new and exciting in your cooking, consider giving Gurken mit Stacheln a try!


In conclusion, Gurken mit Stacheln are a fascinating variety of cucumbers that are known for their prickly exterior and unique flavor. While they may require a bit more care in handling, these cucumbers can be a fun and exciting addition to your culinary repertoire. Whether you grow them in your garden or purchase them from a specialty market, Gurken mit Stacheln are sure to add a delicious twist to your dishes.


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1. Are Gurken mit Stacheln safe to eat?

Yes, Gurken mit Stacheln are safe to eat once the spines have been removed. Simply wash the cucumber under running water and use a vegetable peeler to remove the spines before consuming.

2. Where can I buy Gurken mit Stacheln?

Gurken mit Stacheln may be available at specialty markets or through online seed suppliers. You can also try growing them in your own garden for a fresh supply.

3. How do I know when Gurken mit Stacheln are ready to harvest?

Gurken mit Stacheln are typically ready to harvest when they reach a size of 6-8 inches long. Look for firm, vibrant green cucumbers with well-developed spines.

4. Can I pickle Gurken mit Stacheln?

Yes, Gurken mit Stacheln can be pickled just like regular cucumbers. Simply remove the spines, slice or chop the cucumber, and follow your favorite pickling recipe.

5. Are there any health benefits to eating Gurken mit Stacheln?

Like regular cucumbers, Gurken mit Stacheln are a low-calorie, hydrating vegetable that is rich in vitamins and minerals. They can be a nutritious addition to a balanced diet.